Take a Look At My New Timeless Collection!

The NOBLE collection is named for the precious coral of which many of its pieces are made: stylaster nobilis, or noble coral.

With necklaces, earrings and pendants made from ethically-sourced coral, sterling silver and 14k gold, the NOBLE collection of coral fine jewelry comprises of delicate yet eye-catching pieces, complementing an airy summer look or offering a bright pop of color in colder months.

My inspiration for the NOBLE collection is drawn from Native American culture and their belief that red coral is an important symbol of our inner spirit, energy, and power. Noble coral, with its blood red color that echoes heat and fire, is thought to give us the ability to overcome hurdles and enemies. I hope that those who wear these pieces find similar equal strength in their own lives.

In other cultures, noble coral is thought to be a symbol of modesty, wisdom, and happiness, and has also traditionally been used to fight stress, nervousness, fear and panic in the search for inner peace.