Helping you find just the right gift that tells your gal, she’s just right. Click on each image to view the product. 


Wonder Woman:

This is the kind of woman who never answers her phone because she’s either out of service on some outdoor adventure, or in the middle of a yoga class. Most days you’ll find this lady in adorable leggings and an oversized hoody. Here are a few darling piece to help her finish her chic everyday casual look:

Pictured: Cradle Cuff, Darling Studs, Petite Bar Necklace

Boss Babe:

She’s got her power blazer on and nothing can get in her way. Smart, ambitious, and always stylish, this woman fluidly glides from the board room to the bar, seamlessly navigating her way from tough negotiations to happy hour with the gals. Here are a few stunning pieces to help this boss babe complete her confident, dynamic look:

 Pictured: Square Duality Studs, Dollop Necklace, Saturn Rings


Glitter Gal:

Whether it’s the hottest ticket in town or the newest restaurant opening, this is the woman who is always there and dressed to the nines. She’s the life of the party. She can throw on a simple black dress, or brave bold colors and patterns, and look stunning in anything. Here are a few pieces that will shine as brightly as she does:

Pictured: Unity Necklace, Midnight Sky Necklace, Lunar Hoop 


Dainty Darling:

This is the special young lady in your life. She’s growing more independent and curious each day, but hasn’t yet let go of her precious innocence. Children and girls love wearing jewelry to express themselves. For your budding flower, here are a few pieces to start her collection off right:

Pictured: Sunflower Studs, Darling Necklace, Friendship Ring  


NM Pride Pal:

This is the woman who is proud of her roots. Whether she’s from New Mexico, calls it home today, or feels a connection to this magical place, here are a few pieces your local gal needs:
Pictured: Hometown Necklace, Mini Cuff with Turquoise, Pequeno Studs

And of course, so many of us are intricate, multidimensional people. We fit into many of these boxes, or none at all. We welcome you to explore our full collection at to find that one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind you.