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Bright red lipstick. That’s how I’ll always remember my grandma. She was a woman with an unwavering sense of self, and for that she’s my biggest inspiration. As a kid, I fondly recall fumbling through her boxes of jewelry and discovering a healthy mix of fine pieces alongside some absolutely amusing costume jewelry. It was my eccentric and elegant grandma who engrained in me the importance and pleasure of adorning ourselves in things that bring us joy.

I’m an artist at heart, metalsmith at hand, fashionista in mind.

The process of my craft is as important to me as the final products. I work with only the finest materials, both in terms of metal and stone. The natural stones I hunt for and discover are truly works of art in and of themselves, selected for their shape, inherent designs and color. I use an array of metals in unexpected ways by contrasting their colors and adding pops of precious and natural stones. You can tell by looking and feeling my jewelry that it’s handmade. You see the hammer marks. You feel the perfect imperfections, giving each piece its own unique character.

I studied metalsmithing at Southern Connecticut University, and now live in the splendid city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The impressive and expansive beauty here is only to be matched by its incredible people, and I can’t help but draw inspiration from the landscape and the culture that embrace me daily. I enjoy this beautiful home with my husband Bill, a photographer, our two children Chloe and Konrad, and our newest addition, puppy Bruno.